iStart 101 for International Students

This online course, designed by Berkeley International Office, presents information to help international students be aware of essential resources and responsibilities at UC Berkeley.

Welcome to Bcourses!

The iStart 101 course is built on Berkeley's official campus learning management system (LMS) called "bCourses." Many of your classes at UC Berkeley will use bCourses as a tool; iStart 101 is your introduction to this tool and will help you become familiar with the features (Note: bCourses is built by a company called 'Canvas.' You will see references to Canvas for technical support and other reasons).

How to Join the iStart101 Course

To access the iStart 101 course, students must receive an email invitation. Invitations for Fall 2016 students will be sent in April-May 2016. After receiving your invitation, you can access all your bCourses at or from your Cal Central dashboard, under 'My Classes.'


If you have any problems accepting the email invitation or accessing the bCourses site, contact