Resilience Project

During April, the Berkeley International Office is collaborating with Second Impressions at Berkeley to publish stories from Cal's diverse community on how being resilient has strengthened it and furthered personal growth. All videos and stories will be featured on this website and on the Second Impressions Facebook Page

Victoria Sosnovtseva - Russia/Denmark     <- Click on link for full story

"..Growing up, my mom brought me to the university a lot so I was always exposed to science experiments and computers. Studying physics just made sense for me. It was a beautiful way to understand the fundamentals of nature and I was absolutely sure that I would spend the rest of my life doing it. But in Berkeley I’ve found that there aren’t enough women in STEM. In upper division physics classes I would sometimes be the only girl there. I felt very strange because I never saw this kind of inequality in Denmark. There were many points where I wanted to give up and change my major. I felt a double-imposter syndrome. "

Resilience Project - Htet Yi Linn

Adjusting to a new environment is not an easy task for anyone. Cal international students are faced with the additional challenge of having to learn the English and "Berkelish" language specific to California and the university. 
In this video, Htet shares her thoughts about learning to communicate in new ways and how she slowly overcame those obstacles. This is Htet's resilience story.