J-1 students may begin a full-time program of study while on Academic Training (AT). However, students who wish to stop working or need to extend/continue their student status in order to finish a new program should consider the following steps before the end date of their Academic Training according to their situation.

Returning to the same school

Students who wish to return to the school that recommended their AT will need to request a new DS-2019 for a "change of level." Please contact Berkeley International Office to speak with an International Student Advisor for information about this process.

Transferring to a different school

Students who have been admitted to a new school (different from the school that recommneded AT), will need to apply for a transfer of their J-1 status to the new school. This requires the "release" of a student's electronic SEVIS record to the new school in order for a new DS-2019 to be issued. For complete instructions, see Transfer from UC Berkeley.

Please Note: The J-1 transfer process requires close coordination between the current and new school. Advisors at both of these schools should be consulted early (before the AT expires) in order for the process to happen smoothly.

Changing to a Different Visa Status

Students who want to change their visa status (to an F-1 student visa or other) should speak with an International Student Advisor at Berkeley International Office. This may require traveling out of the U.S. or a lengthy application process. Students are encouraged to plan well in advance.