Global Family Program

The Global Family Program is currently closed, but may re-open at a future date.

The Berkeley International Office Global Family Program (GFP) connects interational students with local Cal families. The program aims to provide international students opportunites to learn more about US American culture beyond the campus life and form meaningful cross-cultural friendships with local families. The program also assits the Cal community in get acquainted with this unique population and learn about another culture. We hope the international student and their Cal family could benefit each other in this personal and engaging way.

About the Program 

The Global Family Program will match 1 or 2 international student(s) with a Cal family (Cal parents, alumni, faculty or staff member) based on mutual interests. The family will invite international students for U.S. holidays or occasional family activities. The international students will share with the friendship family about their home country’s culture and traditions.

The Cal family and the student should commit to at least 1 activity during the semester. Some sample activities may include:

  • Informal family meals
  • Holiday celebration (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  • Hiking, shopping and day trips to nearby places
  • Or any other activity that you would share with a family friend