Volunteers for International Programs (VIP)

VIP offers opportunities for students to take an active role in supporting fun and engaging projects that will benefit the international community at UC Berkeley.

How Does VIP Work?

After submitting the interest form (at right), your name will be added to the VIP mailing list with no obligation to participate. As projects are developed, we'll send an email to the list outlining the volunteer roles. Interested students can then reply to inform us of their availability.

Why Join VIP?

  • You like to meet people from different countries.
  • You like to work in a team.
  • You want to learn new skills to add to your resume.
  • You would like to get experience in the many interesting roles available, including:
    • Event Assistants: Help with events in a variety of ways.
    • Event Photographers: Snap pics, eat snacks, go.
    • Graphic Designers: Flyers, logos, infographics, oh my!
    • Writers and Editors: Tell stories for global understanding.
    • Video Production and Editing: Junior filmmakers unite!
    • Social Events hosts: Meet & greet just because you like it.
    • Other: You'll be surprised what we come up with!

The VIP Interest Form

Fill out our VIP form and we'll contact you soon. Thank you!

If you have any questions or want more information about this program, please contact internationaloffice@berkeley.edu.

Thank you!