After you have submitted your NIF online, you can track the progress of your application by following these steps:

  1. Log back into the NIF. You will be automatically directed to your NIF Submission Confirmation.
  2. At the top of the NIF Submission Confirmation, you will see the Status of your NIF application. Check back periodically to see which stage your application has reached. If your application is marked Incomplete or Awaiting Documentation, action from you is required.

Processing Stage Descriptions

Listed below are descriptions of what your processing stage really means and what you need to complete the NIF process.


You still have work to do! You have started the NIF, but have not completed and submitted it yet. In this stage, you are able to access the NIF and edit your NIF information. Please complete all required sections and make sure to click Submit when finished.


Your NIF Application, including all required uploaded documents, has been received by our office. The NIF Review team will soon check to make sure that all your uploaded documents are legible, accurate, and complete. If your application is not complete, you will be contacted by email and your processing status will be changed to Incomplete orAwaiting Documentation (see below). If your application is complete, your processing status will be changed to Processing (see below).

Incomplete/Awaiting Documentation

You still have work to do! You have received an email from our office describing exactly what information and/or documents are missing. We cannot proceed further until we receive this information, therefore please read the instructions on the email carefully and respond as soon as possible. This may delay the processing of your NIF.


Congratulations! Your NIF has been reviewed and seems complete! An International Student Advisor will send it to SEVIS for processing. After we receive the I-20 or DS-2019 from SEVIS, the responsible Advisor will print it, sign it, and prepare it to be mailed out (see below).

If you see your SEVIS ID, it means that your document has been issued and will be mailed out shortly.

Awaiting Transfer Release Date

Your NIF is complete, but we are waiting for your Transfer Release Date. You should have requested a specific SEVIS Transfer Release Date from your previous school's international office and entered this into the NIF. Currently, this date is still in the future. Your I-20 or DS-2019 should be processed within 3 business days of your Release Date.

Awaiting Transfer Record

Your NIF is complete, but we are waiting for your previous school to schedule the release of your SEVIS record to UC Berkeley. You should have received an email from our office aksking you to please contact your previous international office to schedule the release of your record.

Document Mailed via Express Mail/ Document Mailed via USPS/ Document Ready for Pick Up /Document Mailed to EAP Office (for EAP Reciprocity Students Only)

Your document has been issued! Your SEVIS ID can be found on the Submission Confirmation page. Depending on the delivery option you indicated on your NIF, your document is either ready to pick up in our office, has been shipped by FedEx/UPS, or sent by regular USPS Airmail.