Prospective Students

Resources for Study in the U.S.

More detailed information and resources for study
in the U.S. can be found through:

Degree-Seeking Students

For information about becoming a UC Berkeley student, please contact the Admissions Offices directly:

Undergraduate Students

Apply for admission through the Undergraduate Admission website.  Admissions applications are available in early October. The application filing period is November 1-30.  All applications must be submitted by November 30th.  See also the International Admissions information.

Graduate Students

Admissions applications are distributed directly from the academic departments. See the Graduate Division web site for more information.  Applications are available each September.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

The programs listed below are for students who are interested in taking classes at UC Berkeley but will not pursue a diploma. Please contact these programs directly for more information.

Education Abroad Program (EAP)

This is a reciprocal exchange program between the University of California's campuses and schools around the world. Students exchange places at their particular institution, paying tuition and fees in their home country. There must be an agreement between the University of California and your school to participate in this program.

Concurrent Enrollment Program through the UC Berkeley Extension

This program allows you to enroll in classes at UC Berkeley (with the consent of the instructor) without being admitted for a degree program. Although you are enrolling in this way, you will still be expected to follow the course, take the exams and turn in assignments as a regularly admitted UC Berkeley student would.

Continuing Education Certificate Programs

UC Berkeley Extension offers several options for international students who want to pursue a post-baccalaureate continuing education for advanced degree preparation or career and professional advancement. Certificate programs are full-time academic and internship programs in business, art, design, and technology disciplines.

Berkeley Summer Session

All of UC Berkeley's summer session of classes are open to the public.

Visiting Scholars, Researchers and Professors

Individuals interested in pursuing research or teaching at UC Berkeley must be invited as a "Visiting Scholar" by a professor in an academic department or lab who will serve as their host.