These are general recommendations. Please adapt them for your unique situation. Always read emails from your college and work with your college advisor regarding which week(s) you should meet.

Week 1: CALCULATE the grades you need

1. Read emails from your college.
2. Use the GPA calculator to understand the grade you need to clear AP.

Week 2+3: CHOOSE resources that help

1. Reflect on what didn’t go as planned last semester and why.
2. Find campus resources and support that will manage the situations that contributed to your AP.

Week 4+5: MEET with College and BIO advisors

1. Meet with college adviser: clarify how to clear AP, explain what contributed to AP; discuss resources; create a schedule for success this semester and for long-term goals;
2. Meet with BIO adviser: discuss immigration status and your back-up plan.

Week 7+8: ASSESS your progress

1. Attend office hours: discuss progress with instructors and estimate your grade-to-date.
2. If unlikely to clear probation, meet college/BIO adviser; discuss and prepare for possibility of not clearing probation.

Week 10: IDENTIFY semester-end options

1. If you’re uncertain about clearing AP, begin implementing back-up plan.
2. Consider how you might share your back-up plan with family or friends.

Week 16+17: TAKE appropriate actions

1. Assess your situation and take appropriate actions.
2. Request early grade info from instructors.
3. Meet with BIO if AP dismissal likely.
4. Make informed choices about international travel or transfer.

Post-Semester: PLAN for the future

1. If you clear AP, continue using supportive resources next semester.
2. If you’re continued on probation next semester, continue actively managing AP.
3. If you’re dismissed, understand the criteria and timeline for readmission.

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