Maintaining H-1B Status

It is the responsibility of each H-1B employee to be familiar with the immigration requirements related to their status. Following the guidelines below will help you avoid unnecessary problems:

  • Passport Validity
    Keep your passport valid for six months beyond the duration of your H-1B status (see dates on the I-797 approval notice).
  • Address Notification.
    Report an address change within 10 days of the move. To report an address change you must:

1. File Form AR-11 available at
2. Email with your full name, date of birth, and new address

  • Status Expiration
    Generally speaking, do not remain in the U.S. beyond the expiration date of your I-94 card or passport entry stamp. If you have a unique situation, please email BIO at
    Instructions after each entry into the U.S.:
  1. If you have an electronic I-94, retrieve and print your I-94. To access your record you will need your passport. Go to
  2. Verify that the information on the I-94 printout is correct. Note if your name appears as it is stated in your passport, check if the appropriate visa classification (H-1B or H-4) is noted, and verify the end date of your status. The H-1B end date should match the H-1B approval notice or be extended for 10 additional days beyond the end date of the H-1B approval notice. If your I-94 is shortened due to a passport validity date, your status will end on the date marked on the I-94 record rather than the H-1B approval notice.
  3. Email BIO at if you notice an error or data inconsistency, or if the end date does not match your H-1B approval notice (or up to 10 days beyond your end date.)
  4. Call or visit the Deferred Inspection office if your I-94 data is incorrect or if you are unable to access your electronic I-94 data. Should you have questions about setting up a Deferring Inspection visit please email BIO at
  • Employment.
    Do not accept any employment other than that which is approved under your H-1B petition.
  • H-1B Extensions
    Remind your department to initiate the H-1B extension process as early as 6 months before your H-1B expiration date. Please contact our office if you plan to travel outside of the country while we are processing your H-1B extension. If you need to extend or renew your driver's license, you should allow for sufficient BIO and USCIS processing time.
  • Notification of Changes
    Ask your department to notify our office of any material changes in your employment, including a change of department, job duties, hours, title, and/or work location, or leaving your employment early.