Required Online Arrival Confirmation

All New, Transfer, EAP, Visiting Summer, and Returning (withdrawn for one semester or more) F-1/J-1 international students are required confirm their arrival in the U.S. in order to activate their F-1/J-1 immigration records.

After your arrival in the U.S., please do the following:

  1. Update your LOCAL U.S. address and LOCAL phone in Cal Central (temporary or short-term addresses are accepted).
  2. Look up your I-94 Arrival Record online (click link). Download/take a screen shot and save it on your computer.
    • If you cannot find your I-94 online or if there are errors in your record, please visit Berkeley International Office during Advising Hours.

  3. Take a screen shot or download the image of your I-94.
  4. Upload your I-94 Arrival Record here. 
    • Please do this after arrival to the U.S., but no more than 30 days prior to your I-20/DS-2019 start date. 
    • Degree seeking an EAP students should complete this before the first day of class or I-20 Program Start Date.
    • Visiting summer international students must upload no later than one week after start of classes