Strategic Planning


Our mission is to enhance the academic experiences of international students and scholars by providing the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in advising, immigration services, advocacy, and programming to the UC Berkeley campus community.

Strategic Goals (2018-2020)

The following goals and listed strategies to achieve these goals will guide Berkeley International Office with equal priority:

1. Build and Strengthen Partnerships

  • Strengthen liaisons with student service and academic units to promote student and scholar success.
  • Collaborate with key campus units to enhance student, scholar, and faculty experiences.
  • Build alliances with campus and community partners to leverage human and financial resources.
  • Collaborate with external partners, including other UC campuses and professional associations, to build upon synergy and advocate for our client populations.
  • Engage with campus leadership to coordinate and promote campus internationalization.
  • Collaborate with on and off-campus entities to improve user experience with technology.

2. Enhance Effectiveness of Products, Services, and Internal Processes

  • Streamline, standardize, and automate processes.
  • Utilize assessment to ensure high-quality products and services that meet evolving client needs.
  • Monitor and adjust internal processes to best serve clients in a changing environment.
  • Increase accessibility and reach of products and services to target audiences.
  • Expand the documentation of internal processes and availability of training and reference resources.
  • Strengthen tools, training, and resources for campus partners.
  • Create and implement a proactive and robust external communications strategy.

3. Provide an Agile Response to a Changing Environment

  • Establish internal protocols to respond to government requests for information and changes in policies and practices.
  • Maintain a supportive environment for affected populations in the face of changing governmental policies and practices.
  • Expand revenue-generating strategies to support client services.
  • Align resources to address new trends in academic and research programs.
  • Assess BIO departmental procedures for data vulnerabilities and develop necessary response protocols.
  • In conjunction with campus partners, establish and maintain protocols and contingency plans for emergencies, tragedies, and disasters.

4. Enhance Organizational Effectiveness through Staffing, Planning and Development

  • Maintain high-performing staff through best practices in performance management.
  • Support staff growth through professional development opportunities.
  • Regularly monitor staff workload and make strategic adjustments to benefit the organization.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate diverse individual and team contributions.
  • Ensure transparency through effective and inclusive communication across the organization.