Meet our J Scholar and Employment-Based Advising Teams

J Scholar Advising Team

Kaetlin Henry

Kaetlin Henry

Assistant Director for Scholar Services

I joined BIO back in July of 2006, just two years after I graduated from Cal with a B.A. in political science. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside colleagues who are equally passionate about intercultural exchange and I love that every day I am able to help facilitate scholars coming to UC Berkeley from around the world to engage in important research projects that are changing the world for the better. My passion for intercultural exchange led me to pursue a Master’s degree in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute, which I was able to accomplish while continuing to work at BIO.

My interest in intercultural exchange was sparked when I studied abroad in the Netherlands during my studies at UC Berkeley. I lived in an international dormitory and built friendships with people from all over the world. In addition to studying abroad, I also worked overseas for a year in Santiago, Chile as a middle school and high school English teacher. It was another incredible intercultural experience and gave me the opportunity to travel through the beautiful countries of Chile and Argentina.

I am a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, having been born and raised in Marin county. I love traveling the world and have seen incredibly beautiful places, but whenever I return, I always appreciate the beauty here as well. My favorite things to do when I’m not working are playing games with my kids, swimming, and enjoying the beauty of the area around us.

Tatiana Djordjevic

International Scholar Adviser

I started at BIO in March 2015 and originally hail from the great Lone Star State, or more specifically, San Antonio, TX. I have studied abroad in Sweden and Russia, as a high school student, university student, and after finishing my studies. I speak both Swedish and Russian, and am learning Serbian. I have traveled to most countries in western and northern Europe, as well as Canada, Estonia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Russia. 

I am fortunate to have a diverse and international family, which originally inspired my interest in studying abroad. After benefiting from many international experiences, I am grateful to work with international scholars in the United States, both helping them make the most of their experience and continuing to learn about the world through them. 

Professionally, I am interested in all aspects of international education, but am especially interested in cross-cultural communication and cultural adjustment, international exchange as public diplomacy, and expanding international education to under-served groups. I am excited to support the talented and diverse international community here at Berkeley, and look forward to meeting you!

Employment-Based Advising Team

Rajan Eapen

Rajan Eapen

Assistant Director for Employment-Based Services

I started at BIO in March 2020. I'm originally from Washington, DC where my parents landed after emigrating from India as international students. I'm an immigration attorney by background and I joined BIO after spending 8 years in the Office of International Education at the University of Vermont where I led the employee and scholar related services for the office. Before coming to international education I worked in private practice and in-house as immigration counsel.
Professionally I'm involved with NAFSA Trainer Corps and also serve on NAFSA's International Student & Scholar Regulatory Practice Committee. In my free time, I love going hiking with my family, running in Marin and playing squash. I'm excited to be part of the Berkeley international community and look forward to meeting you!

Jessica Zheng

Jessica Zheng

Employment-Based Case Analyst

I started working at BIO in October 2018. I am originally from a small town called Ossining, New York where I spent most of my adolescent years before relocating to Texas, Kansas and later Connecticut. I have visited several countries in Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. I worked abroad as a native English teacher in Hong Kong and during my graduate studies, studied abroad in Germany. 

I completed my undergraduate degree at University of San Francisco (USF) with a dual major in Accounting and International Business and later pursued my master’s degree in International Education at New York University. My interest in the field of international education began in college where I had the fortunate opportunity to make friends and interact with peers from all over the world. Since then I’ve worked at international offices at different universities helping international students, professors and research scholars before moving back to the Bay Area where I am pleased to be working with the very talented and diverse international faculty and staff community.

Professionally, I am interested in learning about different cultures and educational systems, cultural exchange, cultural adjustment and multiculturalism. 

In my free time, I enjoy trying new cooking recipes, baking, exploring new cuisines and restaurants, spending time with family and friends, and tuning into a good true crime show and podcast. I also love to travel when I can!

I am excited to be part of the international community here at UC Berkeley and look forward to meeting you soon.

Sook Hollingshead

Sook Hollingshead

Project Analyst and International Scholar Adviser

I started at BIO in June 2007 and grew up in colorful Colorado. I received my M.Ed. in Counseling from Northern Arizona University, ESL/EFL Teacher Certification from Transworld Teachers, and a B.S. in Business Administration and B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have been involved in international education for many years, having worked in a variety of schools (NAU, University Nevada Las Vegas, and University of California San Francisco) and lived in various locals including South Korea, studying in the Netherlands and working in Ireland and Mexico. I have also toured China, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, Guatemala and several countries in Europe. Currently, my advising responsibilities include J, H-1B, and TN scholars/employees.