TN Mexican and Canadian Workers

To begin a case for TN employment at UC Berkeley be sure to have a prior discussion with an Employment-Based Adviser at Berkeley International Office to determine if the TN is appropriate and applicable to the case. For questions about the TN classification and petition process, please contact BIO at

TN Forms and Handouts

Please use the forms and handouts listed below and note the date of the most current revision. Due to frequent changes in laws and procedures, it is essential that you use the most current information. Discard all prior versions of these forms to avoid using outdated information.

 Forms and Handouts Revision Date
1. General Information December 2020
2. TN Request Checklist October 2020
3. TN Employee Information Form August 2020
4. TN Sample Employment Letter to CBP December 2020
5. TN Petition Payment Memo October 2020
6. USCIS instructions for Completing Form I-539 (for 
Change of Status or Extension of TD Status)
Use USCIS current version
7. Form I-539 for Change of Status or 
Extension of TD Dependent Status
Use USCIS current version
8. TN Interdepartmental Order Form (IOF) February 2023
9. Sample Certification of Translation January 2017