Living in Berkeley

The picturesque UC Berkeley campus, surrounded by the bustling City of Berkeley, forms a unique microcosm landscaped with skyscrapers, retail shops, restaurants, stately buildings and hidden garden paths. From the top of Sather Tower or other vistas on campus, you can watch fog roll over the San Francisco Bay and see the traffic flow down University Avenue toward the Marina.

To start, visit the UC Berkeley Visitor Services website to find out more about the campus and go from there!

Living in Berkeley will be the discovery of many diverse opportunities, experiences, people, places and ideas that await you!


Steve McConnell, UC Berkeley

Finding Housing

    - On Campus

    - Off Campus
    - Temporary


- Public Transportation in Berkeley
- Driving in California
- Airports and Transport to Campus

yogaHealth and Safety

- University Health Services
- Health Insurance in the U.S.
- Campus Safety & Earthquakes

Cultural Adjustment

- Phases
- Tips for Making the Adjustment