Finding Housing

There are many resources available to help you find housing on or near the UC Berkeley campus. The Cal Housing office should be the first place you start your search for housing on or off-campus.  Degree-seeking undergraduate students planning to live on campus should also visit Living at Cal.

For any student interested in living off campus, the Graduate Assembly has developed: The GA’s Housing Guide: Best Practices for Finding Housing which offers an overview of the housing situation in Berkeley and the Bay Area. The guide offers a lot of information on the average prices of housing in the Bay Area and tips for finding housing after you have arrived.

Check out the Cal Rental Resources page for information about living off-campus, including information on Typical Rent Ranges, Rental Safety, and much more. 

We also recommend you review our Arrival Guide for information on Berkeley neighborhoods, housing search strategies, utility services, and more. 

Temporary Housing

You may need a short-term place to stay when you arrive in Berkeley. Listed below are some inexpensive places close to campus. If you mention that you are affiliated with UC Berkeley, you may be eligible for a discount. Reservations are recommended.



  • Moving Off Campus 101 headerMoving off-campus 101 BIO's short guide to transitioning from living on-campus to off-campus. It covers how to search for and secure housing and protect yourself in the process.   

  • UC Berkeley Cal Rentals 
    Provides a wide selection of rental listings, counseling and written information on finding housing, and setting up telephone and utility (gas/electricity) services.
  • ASUC Housing Portal - Searchable map of rental options, with filters for rent, number of bedrooms, length of stay, etc. 
  • Housing and Accommodations (VSPA Office) - List of housing resources compiled by the VSPA Office for Postdocs, Visiting Scholars, and VIsiting Student Researchers
  • Berkeley Student Cooperative 
    Student-run, non-profit housing cooperative that provides quality, low-cost housing opportunities to university students. Each of the 20 houses is close to the UCB campus and democratically run by its members.
    Offers postings about available housing in the East Bay or other parts of the Bay Area. Be sure to review the information about scams and personal safety on Craigslist
  • The Berk
    Fully furnished, dorm-style housing close to campus. The term of the Residency Agreement is roughly the UC Berkeley academic year (middle of August - middle of May). Summer leases are also available. 

Scams & Fraud Awareness

Check out our Scams and Safety information for precautionary tips about finding housing.

Looking for a Cal Roommate or Housing Share?


 Roommate Search Tool
Housing Search Facebook Group

Graduate Student Housing Facebook Group

BIO Housing Listings Post your listing to BIO Housing

Access to these tools is for UCB students and scholars only.

"Finding Housing in the Bay Area" Recorded Webinar — May 2018

Housing in the Bay Area 2018

Video Description: Should you live on campus in the residence halls? What are the neighborhoods like that are surrounding the campus? What is a co-op? Representatives from the Cal Rentals Housing office address your housing options and what to expect when living on campus versus off campus.

Use the links/time stamps below to navigate to the sections that apply to you.

8:18 - on campus options
11:58 - undergraduate housing
18:03 - graduate housing
26:21 - off campus options
39:58 - on vs. off campus - cost of living comparison

Youku/Tudou users, access the recording here.

Housing Search Sites with Interactive Maps


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