International Students and Scholars Standards of Ethical Conduct

In its Standards of Ethical Conduct, the University of California has identified four guiding values: integrity, excellence, accountability and respect. As members of the UC Berkeley community, international students and scholars adhere to these values in the realms of academics and research, social and cultural life and federal and university regulations

Academics and Research

We will abide by the rules and guidelines that the university, our professors and our research partners set for us. To this end, we will strive for excellence and integrity in our work as students and researchers. Our efforts will be our own, and they will acknowledge the intellectual contributions of others appropriately.  We will engage in free and open academic discourse with our peers, mentors and partners and will respect the free exchange of ideas in pursuit of discovery, invention and truth. We will adhere to the Academic Code of Conduct.

Social and Cultural Life

We will seek to understand the norms of the university and adhere to the Principles of Community. We will respect others, including those whose cultural backgrounds or expressions of identity may be different from our own. In addition, as international students and scholars, we acknowledge that our own diverse experiences and cultural contexts enrich and invigorate the university. We are proud to be a vital part of this diverse community.    

Federal and University Regulations

We will follow federal laws and university rules. In particular, as students and scholars on F-1 and J-1 visas, we will abide by federal regulations governing our presence and nonimmigrant status in the United States. We will look to Berkeley International Office (BIO) for guidance on following and interpreting these rules and will also keep BIO informed of all changes related to our immigration status. We understand and take responsibility for ensuring that we are in compliance with all required regulations.