UC Berkeley Campus Recharge Fees

The table below reflects current recharge fees as approved by the campus recharge committee. For more information on UC Berkeley campus recharge policies, see the CFO's Recharge page.

Type of Service Recharge Fees 

Campus Payment Form IOF

(New DocuSign version. All cases submitted MARCH 15, 2023 or later MUST use this DocuSign version.)
J-1 Services


New/Initial J-1 IOF

J-1 Extension


J-1 Extension IOF

J-1 Expedite


J-1 Expedite IOF

J-1 Deferral**


J-1 Deferral IOF
J-1 Student Intern $1,000 J-1 Student Intern IOF

H-1B Academic Positions


H-1B Academic IOF

H-1B Non-Academic Positions


H-1B Non-Academic IOF

H-1B Extension/Amendment: LATE Submission***


H-1B Extension/Amendment: LATE Submission IOF

TN Services $420 TN IOF
O-1 Services* $500 O-1 IOF
Permanent Resident Services*



* Additional Attorney Fee Rates apply.

** The J-1 Deferral fee applies to deferrals if the start date is deferred for any reason and an amended Form DS-2019 is issued. The deferral IOF will be required prior to the amended Form DS-2019 being sent to the J-1 scholar and will apply once per program.

*** An H-1B Extension/Amendement LATE Submission is defined as:

  • an H-1B extension request that is submitted to BIO less than 2 months before the current H-1B end date OR
  • an H-1B amendment request that is submitted to BIO less than 2 months before the changes in employment need to take effect

Campus recharge fees are to be paid by the department and not recharged to the Postdoctoral Scholars.