3/29/2017 - Multiple Preliminary Injunctions Issued for Executive Order Travel Ban

March 29, 2017

On March 29, 2017, the U.S. District Court in Hawai'i converted its March 15, 2017 temporary restraining order (valid for a maximum of 14 days), into a preliminary injunction, which continues to block enforcement of all of Sections 2 and 6. Sections 2 and 6 of the new EO barred entry for 90 days individuals without valid visas from particular countries of origin (Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) and entry for 120 days for refugees. Enforcement of these sections of the EO is currently prohibited in the U.S., at U.S. Borders and ports of entry, and in the issuance of visas pending further court orders.  Additionally, on March 16, 2017, the U.S. District Court in Maryland issued a nationwide preliminary injunction(link is external) on section 2c of  Executive Order 1378, also preventing the Government from enforcing the 90-day entry bar.

See NAFSA's EO Entry Ban Litigation Updates page for more information on all ongoing litigation, including government appeals and timelines.