Site of Activity for J-1 Scholars

What is a Site of Activity?

A site of activity is the name and address of the location where a J-1 Exchange Visitor will conduct their program activities (i.e. campus appointment to conduct research, lecture etc.). All J-1 Exchange Visitors must have a primary site of activity listed in their SEVIS record. Additional sites must be added when a J-1 Exchange Visitor requests a change of site or will engage in activities at more than one location. J-1 Exchange Visitors are generally expected to engage in their program in-person at the primary site of activity noted on their Form DS-2019. 

Where is my "Primary" Site of Activity listed?

Your primary site of activity can be found in section #1 of your Form DS-2019. See the image below showing the highlighted Site of Activity.

What should I do if my Site of Activity will be changing, if the Site of Activity address on my DS-2019 is not accurate, or if I will be adding an additional Site of Activity? 

You must request and receive approval for a change in your site of activity before beginning program activities at a different site. Please email should you have plans to engage in activities at any site other than that listed in section 1 of your Form DS-2019, or if the address on your form is not accurate.

DS-2019 with highlighted Primary Site of Activity