Need-Based Financial Aid

BIO need-based financial aid is intended only for students in the most financial need who have experienced a significant, unexpected change in their financial situation. Awards are not intended to provide long-term support and will not cover full tuition and fees. 

The following types of grants are available through BIO:

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Need-Based Grants for Tuition & Family Expenses

The Basics

Application Period

The application period typically occurs at the beginning of each fall & spring semester. The fall application opens in mid-August and closes in mid-September. The spring application opens in mid-January and closes in mid-February. Instructions for accessing the application and application deadlines will be announced via email during the application period and posted below.

Award decisions are not available until after the semester begins, so students should make alternate plans to stay current on their student billing account. Students are encouraged to enroll in the Fee Payment Plan and apply for the Campus Emergency Loan, if needed, in order to make their initial payment for registration.


Students must meet the below eligibility criteria to apply for need-based financial aid:

  1. Have demonstrated financial need
  2. Have completed two semesters in current visa status and current program at UC Berkeley prior to the semester in which you are requesting aid. Summer does not count toward the two-semester requirement
  3. Be a full-time student at UC Berkeley
  4. Undergraduates are limited to two semesters of tuition & fee grants, but they may still be considered for the need and merit based scholarship during the fall application cycle
  5. The following students are NOT eligible: Students on Filing Fee, students in self-supporting programs (e.g. MFE, LLM, Evening-Weekend MBA, Executive MBA, MAS, MIDS, MPA, M.Eng). Students on In Absentia are not eligible for the Graduate Parent Grant.

Students who have experienced unforeseen economic changes are encouraged to speak with a BIO adviser about their financial situation. 

Types of Awards

By submitting an application, you will be considered for the following types of awards. Graduate students have the option to indicate if they would like to be considered for a tuition and fee grant, parent grant, or both. 

Tuition & Fee Grants (Fall & Spring)

Emergency tuition and fee grants are offered based on financial need and changes in the applicant's financial situation. Grants are paid directly toward required tuition and fees, do not need to be repaid, and are offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. Note: Graduate tuition and fee grants may NOT go toward Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST).

Need & Merit Based Scholarships (Fall only)

International undergraduate students who meet the above eligibility criteria may also be considered for a need and merit based scholarship, which takes into account both financial need as well as academic achievement. Scholarships are offered in the fall and awards are split between the fall and spring semester. If you have already received two BIO tuition and fee grants, you may still complete this application to be considered for a need and merit based scholarship.

International Graduate Student Parent Grant (Fall & Spring)

International graduate students who have a child living with them in the Bay Area are eligible to apply. Parent grants will be awarded based on financial need and changes in the applicant's financial situation. Grants are applied directly to tuition and fees or as a stipend. Students on Filing Fee and In Absentia are not eligible. Only one parent per family may apply for the parent grant in any given semester. 

Apply Below!  

Links to the online applications will be available only during the application period.