Changing your Password

Host departments use this link to access International Scholar Dossier (ISD). To get a password, attend a Training Meeting.

Department Login

Changing Your Password

1. With the Username and Password provided to you by the UC Berkeley host department, log in to the International Scholar Dossier (ISD) system at Copy and paste the username and password from the email to minimize login problems. Click My Account at top right of the International Scholar Dossier (ISD) welcome page.

2. Enter a security question and answer you will remember.

3. Copy and paste into "Old Password" the password provided to you in the email message from your department administrator.

4. Enter a new password of your own choice into "Change Password". Confirm by re-entering your new password.  Click save.

5. Note your password for future reference.  Passwords can be reset by your academic department if necessary.