BIO Orientation Leader Program

Be a Berkeley International Office Orientation Leader!

About the Program

Berkeley International Office (BIO) hosts orientation events before the start of each semester to welcome new international students and help them adjust to their new life at UC Berkeley. BIO is looking for 20-40 degree seeking students in good academic standing to serve as Orientation Leaders (OLs) and help facilitate orientation activities. OL's should have a strong desire to assist new students, possess communication and leadership skills. 

OL's will: 

  • Serve as a role model and resource to new international students and their families during orientation 
  • Facilitate ice-breakers and lead team-building activities
  • Assist in the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of International Student Orientation
  • Participate in student panels or give presentations or campus tours for new international students and their families
  • Perform in orientation skits addressing common cultural transition issues of international students at UC Berkeley
  • Perform other duties as assigned by BIO staff

You can find more information about our orientation here.

Time Commitment 

  • OL Training: 4 hours for the spring semester, 6 hours for the fall semester
  • Orientation: 4 hours for the spring semester, 6 hours for the fall semester

Why should I participate?

"I'm a two-time OL and I really appreciate having the opportunity to be the first point of contact for other international students like me. I just have this vivid memory of my BIO OLs being amazing and I'm glad I get to experience the behind-the-scenes of orientation and gain leadership experience while I have fun!"

Serving as an OL is a great opportunity to:  

  • Receive training on leadership, team building facilitation, group dynamics, and communication

  • Gain public speaking and team building experience
  • Work with BIO staff and other Orientation Leaders
  • Meet new international students and serve as a mentor and role model

"It was one of my best experiences at Berkeley to have served as a BIO orientation leader. Not only have I met friends from different backgrounds that lasted my college years; through small group interactions and sharing, I also understood the unique qualities our international student population bring to our campus. It was truly unforgettable to know you are making a lasting impact on your peers’ academic journey at Berkeley."

Previous OLs have gone on to work in Berkeley International Office or join our Peer Mentor Program!

Application period for the Spring 2022 semester will open soon!


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