Student Leadership Programs

Student Leadership Programs at Berkeley International Office

Interested in becoming more involved? Would you like a leadership position that supports international students on campus? BIO encourages you to consider one (or more!) of the positions below. Any UC Berkeley undergraduate student (international or US American) who has been on campus for more than one year is welcome to apply.

Peer Mentorship Program

Berkeley International Office’s Peer Mentorship Program seeks to assist new students in making a successful academic and personal adjustment to UC Berkeley, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will stay engaged on campus, make lasting friendships, and understand the resources available to them.

Orientation Leader Program

Applications for Spring 2020 are now closed. Check back next semester!

Did you know? UC Berkeley has more than 8,000 international students from over 135 different countries. Berkeley International Office (BIO) hosts orientation events before the start of each semester to welcome new international students and help them adjust to their new life at UC Berkeley. BIO is looking for outstanding Orientation Leaders (OL) to help facilitate various orientation activities in August.

Global Connections Program

The Global Connections Program is currently closed, but may re-open at a future date.

Global Connections provides an opportunity for international students and American students to do cross-cultural exchange and learning. We hope that with connections made, students will develop a better understanding about another culture and have fun making new friends from around the world.