H-1B Processing Fees

H-1B Processing Fees

FeeAmountWho PaysTypeComments
BIO Recharge $2,000 UCB Department IOF Required for all H-1B cases;
for preparation of the petition
USCIS Filing $460 UCB Department UCB Check Required for all H-1B cases;
payable by separate check
USCIS Fraud Prevention $500 UCB Department UCB Check Required for all H-1B cases except extensions;
payable by separate check
USCIS Premium Processing $1,225 UCB Department UCB Check Optional;
payable by separate check;
I-539 Dependents $370 UCB Department
or Employee
UCB or
Personal Check
Required for dependents changing or extending status; payable by separate check

 What is "Premium Processing?"

The optional $1225 Premium Processing Service fee guarantees that USCIS will adjudicate the case in 15 calendar days. Usually, USCIS takes another 2 weeks to mail the actual paper approval notice.

We recommend that you use premium processing for change of status or new H-1B cases where the start date is less than 4 months from the time you submit the complete International Scholar Dossier (ISD) request to BIO. It is also recommended for extension or change of employer cases where the employee needs to travel abroad prior to receipt of the approval notice, or needs to extend his or her driver's license.

Feel free to contact an adviser at h1b@berkeley.edu if you want to determine whether premium processing is recommended for your specific case or not.