H-1B Forms and Documents

Upload the appropriate forms listed below to the International Scholar Dossier (ISD) record of the employee for whom you are requesting an H-1B petition. Note the date of the most current version. Due to frequent changes in laws and procedures, it is essential that you use the most current information. Discard all prior versions of these H-1B forms to avoid using outdated information. More information about ISD available here.

Handout NameCurrent Version
1. International Scholar Dossier (ISD) Department Guide July 2015
2. H-1B Request Checklist September 2021
3. Department Statement of Responsibility August 2020
4. Employee Information Form April 2021
5. Actual Wage Information Form August 2020
6. Departmental Announcement August 2020
7. Employment Verification Letter: Academic, Non-Academic June 2018
8. Export Control Certification April 2021
9. H-1B Checks Memo September 2021
10. Interdepartmental Order Form (IOF) April 2021
11. Recapturing H-1B Time Worksheet September 2014
12. Sample Certification of Translation January 2017
13. Form I-539 Change of Status or Extension of H-4 Status Use USCIS current version
14.  I-539 Checklist and Release of Liability April 2021