Health Services and Insurance

International students who are registered at UC Berkeley can get comprehensive medical care through the University Health Services (UHS), also known as the Tang Center.

Health Insurance

All international students are required to have health insurance coverage while registered at UC Berkeley. You will automatically be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) as part of your tuition fees. If you already have a health insurance plan that is comparable to SHIP and you can provide proof of it to the Tang Center, you can request a waiver of SHIP and get a refund of those fees. Please note that there is a deadline every semester for requesting a waiver.


UC Berkeley requires proof of certain immunizations for students under 19 years of age. See the conditions of enrollment on the Tang Center website for more information.

For all other students, the Tang Center recommends certain health screenings before coming to the University. See the Tang Center website under "Important Information for New Students."

Counseling Center

Counseling and Psychologicial Services (CAPS) department at UHS offers free, confidential counseling to students. In addition to individual services, the center hosts group counseling sessions each semester. CAPS is an excellent resource for students experiencing culture shock, homesickness, anxiety or worry about academic pressures, or social adjustment.

Health Promotion Services

The Health Promotion Unit at UHS coordinates a wide range of educational and outreach activities to promote the health and well-being of Cal students, including academic health courses, individual appointments, workshops, volunteer and internship opportunities, and consultation and training.