International Scholar Dossier (ISD)

International Scholar Dossier (ISD)

ISD is a web-based system used to request visa documents needed to invite J-1 visiting scholars to UC Berkeley. Attendance at one of our ISD training workshops is required to be granted access.

ISD User Resources:

Please report any issues accessing ISD to BIO at

Timeouts for Inactivity

Please note that after 30 minutes of inactivity in ISD, you will be automatically logged out and will lose all unsaved data.

File Upload Requirements

All required documents must be uploaded to ISD (upload instructions are provided in the User Guide for UCB Departments). Document files cannot be larger than 4 MB and you cannot add more than 100 MB of files at once. The following are acceptable file formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat [pdf] (preferred)
  • JPEG files [jpg or jpeg]
  • Bitmaps [bmp]
  • Text files [txt]
  • Microsoft Word [doc or docx]
  • Excel file [xls]
  • Graphics Image Files [gif]
  • Zipped files [zip]

ISD User Guide for Departments

ISD User Guide for Scholars