J-1 Scholar Program Extensions

If the UC Berkeley DS-2019 will expire before you complete your program objective, your host department must first approve your extension and then submit a request for an extended DS-2019 to Berkeley International Office on your behalf.

If your program sponsor (the agency that issued your DS-2019) is not UC Berkeley, contact them for instructions on initiating an extension request.  Check your DS-2019 for the  name of your program sponsor.

When To Apply

Your DS-2019 must be extended before your current DS-2019 expires. Therefore, the sooner you begin the extension process, the better! As soon as you are certain that you will need to extend your DS-2019, discuss this matter with your host department. They will need to seek departmental approvals and signatures before they can submit a request for extension to Berkeley International Office. Our normal processing time after receiving a complete request from your department is ten (10) business days.

To process your request, your host department will need photocopies of all previous DS-2019 forms, your current passport admission stamp or electronic I-94 record or your paper I-94 card, your visa and, if you are not being paid by UC Berkeley, proof of adequate financial support. In addition, your department will also need copies of your J-2 dependent documents, if applicable. If you are being paid by UC Berkeley, your host department must provide the UC Payroll Office with a photocopy of the DS-2019 extension before campus payments can continue.

DS-2019 Extensions and Your Visa

Extending your DS-2019 means that you are allowed to stay legally in the U.S. until the end date on that document, or until your program is completed, whichever is earlier. Thus, your J-1 immigration status has been extended.

However, extending the DS-2019 (your J-1 status) does not automatically extend the validity of the visa stamp in your passport. If you leave the U.S. and wish to re-enter in J-1 status, you may need to apply for a new visa stamp in your passport.