J-1 Student Intern vs. J-1 Student Non-Degree

The J-1 Student Intern program is often confused with another J-1 Exchange Visitor category called the "J-1 Student Non-Degree." The table below shows a comparison of the two J-1 Exchange Visitor categories. Host departments are urged to contact an International Scholar Advisor at Berkeley International Office (jscholar@berkeley.edu) to determine the appropriate category in which to invite an undergraduate visiting student researcher.

J-1 Student InternJ-1 Student Non-Degree
Intent* The internship fulfills a home country degree requirement. Coursework is allowed in addition to the required 32 hours/week of internship. The student is engaged in a full-time course of study including classroom and/or research.
Home Degree Program Requirements The intern is enrolled with good academic standing at the home institution and the internship enhances the educational program. The student is not required to return to home institution educational program.
Site of Activity* Must be UCB and/or site listed prior to arrival on Form DS-2019 and Form DS-7002 (T/IPP). UCB
Funding Source* Funding can come from any source, including personal funds ($2000/mo minimum funding requirement). 51% or more of funding must be from non-personal funds ($2000/mo minimum funding requirement plus department fees).
Employment & Payment Authorizations The intern can only be paid and participate in the internship listed on the Form DS-2019, Form DS-7002 (T/IPP), and home university attestation. Employment not allowed. Student can receive payment for UCB research.
Duration of Program 4 week minimum per UCB Visiting Student Researcher appointment. The maximum duration is 12 months. 4 week minimum per UCB Visiting Student Researcher appointment. The maximum duration is 24 months.
J-1 Services Fees $1000 $650
Overall Processing Timeline 4-6 months 2-4 months

* Primary factors determining J-1 category