DS-2019 Extension Instructions

If the UC Berkeley DS-2019 will expire before completion of the J-1 exchange visitor's program objective, the host department must request an extended DS-2019 from Berkeley International Office. The maximum time allowable for a J-1 exchange visitor's program extension depends on the J-1 category. See J-1 Categories for more information.

Please note: If the program sponsor (the agency that issued the DS-2019) is not UC Berkeley, the extension must be processed by that sponsor (eg., Fulbright, NSF, IREX, etc.).

DS-2019 Extensions and the Visa

Extending the DS-2019 means that the J-1 visitor is allowed to stay legally in the U.S. until the end date on that document, or until the program is completed, whichever is earlier. In other words, the J-1 immigration status has been extended.

However, extending the J-1 immigration status does NOT automatically extend the validity of the J-1 entry visa stamp obtained at the U.S. Embassy abroad. If after obtaining the extension an exchange visitor leaves the U.S. and wishes to re-enter in J-1 status, he/she may need to apply for a new visa stamp if the previous one will be expired on the day of re-entry to the U.S. For more information, see Understanding Your Visa and Applying for a Visa.

Extension Instructions

An extension of a current scholar's program must be completed BEFORE the the DS-2019 expires. Our standard processing time is 10 business days, so extension requests should be submitted to our office at least 10 days before the end date of the DS-2019. Keep in mind this timeline as it relates to your department's internal approval process, which may require a couple of months' preparation before the request can be submitted to Berkeley International Office.

Fees for Service

A $400 extension fee will be assessed on all extension requests paid by IOF.  Late extension requests will be assessed both the extension fee and an expedite fee ($300). Late extension requests are defined as those requiring an expedite because the scholar’s status will expire in less than 10 business days.