J Scholar Financial Requirements

All J-1 Exchange Visitors and J-2 dependents must show sufficient funding to cover the duration of their J program.
At UC Berkeley, the minimum monthly funding requirements are: $2000 for the J-1 + $600 for a J-2 spouse + $400 for each J-2 child.

All funding documents must be:

  • Issued within the past 6 months
  • Converted to U.S. dollars using an online currency converter (attach a printout showing both currency values)
  • Translated into English (include both the original language funding document and the translation)

Acceptable Funding Documentation

CategoryHow to CalculateFunding Sources/ExamplesDocuments to Verify (Should Include)
Program Sponsor Funds Amount indicated on appointment letter (if total amount not listed, amount by length of program).

UC Berkeley salary, grant, honorarium, per diem, stipend, or endowment

Affiliate funding (GTU, ICSI)

Appointment letter (amount, dates, percentage, authorized signature)
For Visiting Scholars, or Visiting Student Researchers, see VSPA's Stipend User Guide.
Other Organization Funds Amount listed for program duration
Calculate living expenses only (do not include funding for travel, health insurance or research materials).

Home university salary or paid sabbatical leave
Home country salary, travel grant, etc. (see Employer Funding Letter Template)
Scholarships & fellowships

Reimbursements are NOT accepted.

Official award letter with the following:

  • Amount of funding
  • Dates or duration of funding
  • Confirmation that scholar will continue to receive funding while at UC Berkeley
  • Signature or/and stamp, with logo or/and letterhead
  • Any additional details of agreement
Personal Funds Minimum total funding for length of program: $2000/mo. + $600/mo. spouse + $400/mo. per child x number of months = total Self-Supported
Sponsor (friends, family)
Personal bank account letter
(with bank logo or letterhead)
Sponsor's Bank Account
(with Guarantee of Financial Support)