Steps for Inviting a J Student Intern

Steps for UCB Host Departments to Invite J-1 Student Intern

The overall timeline for a J-1 Student Intern request is 4-6 months (from start of the request to the intern's arrival in the U.S.).


  1. The host department invites the student intern and submits request to Berkeley International Office via ISD.
    The host department works with the student intern and faculty sponsor to complete, sign, and submit the following to ISD:
  2. BIO processes the T/IPP (Form DS-7002).
    • BIO reviews and analyzes ISD visitor record. Contacts department if the record is incomplete or there are questions
    • Processes T/IPP form via SEVIS
    • Contacts the department when the T/IPP is ready for signatures
    • Department submits signed T/IPP form to BIO advisor
  3. BIO issues the Form DS-2019. The T/IPP Form and DS-2019 are mailed to J-1 student intern.
  4. 4. The J-1 student intern applies for a visa at a U.S. embassy/consulate.
  5. The U.S. embassy or consulate processes the visa.


  1. The J-1 student intern arrives in the U.S.
    • Receives passport admission stamp indicating "J-1 D/S" or paper I-94 card at port of entry
    • Checks in with host department immediately upon arrival
    • Attends a Scholar Information Meeting (SIMs) sponsored by Berkeley International Office within 2 weeks of arrival date
  2. The host department reports the intern's arrival information to BIO.
  3. BIO reports the intern's arrival information to DHS.
  4. Faculty Sponsor / P.I. submits evaluation of J-1 student intern
    • Faculty Sponsor/P.I. completes an evaluation of the J-1 Student Intern within the final 30 days of the internship period. (If the internship is more than 6 months, the faculty sponsor must complete two evaluations: one within 30 days of the mid-point and one within the final 30 days of the internship period.)
    • Faculty Sponsor/P.I. and J-1 Student Intern sign and date the evaluation form
    • Faculty Sponsor/P.I. sends evaluation to department admin who then sends the evaluation to the BIO advisor
    Sample Evaluation 1 | Sample Evaluation 2