International Student Arrival Confirmation & U.S. Address Reporting

Required Arrival Confirmation & U.S. Address Reporting

All new F-1 and J-1 international students are required to confirm their arrival in the United States and provide their U.S. address and phone information by following the instructions on this page.

After your arrival in the United States, you must do the following:

  1. Submit the Arrival Confirmation form.
    • You will need to upload a copy of your I-94 Arrival Record (or I-797 Approval Notice for change of status students).
      • If you cannot find your I-94 record, please contact BIO right away for assistance.
    • Your CalCentral task will be marked as complete as soon as your submission accepted by BIO.
  2. Submit the U.S. Address & Phone Reporting form *AND* update your CalCentral profile.
    • You will provide your U.S. local (Berkeley area) address and U.S. phone number. Temporary or short-term addresses are accepted.
    • You MUST ALSO add your local U.S. address to your CalCentral student profile in the Address Type "Local." Also add your U.S. phone number (if you have one). 
    • Your CalCentral task will be marked as complete as soon as you properly complete BOTH these steps.

Most new international students will have these two tasks in their CalCentral. Students who do not have these tasks may follow the links provided above.

U.S. Address Formatting

Be sure to report a complete, correctly formatted address, including a room or apartment number, if applicable. 

Example: Description
123 Sample St.     Line 1: street address
Apt 2B    Line 2: room, unit, or apartment number.
Required if you live in a multi-unit building.
Leave blank only if you live in a house.
Berkeley City
CA State
94704 ZIP code

Not sure how to format your U.S. address correctly? Not sure what your ZIP code is? Search it on the USPS website for address correction/validation.


Students should submit the Arrival Confirmation form and report their U.S. Address before the first day of class and no later than 10 days after arrival.

If you are having trouble completing this process, please contact Berkeley International Office or sign in for advising.

The following groups have different instructions (not the instructions listed on this page):